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written by craig beam posted on December 10, 2021

MicroXpress Offers Reliable IT Services In Harrisburg, PA

MicroXpress is an acclaimed managed IT service provider for businesses of all sizes in Harrisburg, PA. We help simplify your workload, so you can focus on what matters most. Our IT support covers every part of your IT infrastructure from systems, networks, security, cloud computing to collaboration for workforces in any workplace environment.

Our IT team leverages their deep knowledge and expertise in modern technology to design, implement and support any technology landscape. We will also provide a 24 x7x 365 system and network monitoring that guarantees your networks and business is running optimally.

Why You Should Partner with MicroXpress for All Your IT Needs

MicroXpress offers customized IT services in Harrisburg, PA, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business. Our goal is to ensure you maximize your IT infrastructure and achieve your business objectives cost-effectively.

The following are some of the benefits of MicroXpress IT services:

Proactive Monitoring and Issue Fixing

Proactive monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure help resolve issues before they become major problems. Our experts leverage their vast experience and cutting-edge technologies to monitor your networks and respond to issues before you even know they exist.

Predictable Spending

Investing in IT systems and hardware infrastructure is quite costly. If you are paying for your IT needs upfront, planning for operating expenses can be a challenge with the expansion of your business. When you outsource your IT needs to MicroXpress, these expenses are merged into a fixed set of costs. Since we charge fixed monthly rates, items such as maintenance, repairs, hardware breakdowns are covered in your monthly operational budget, meaning you won’t have to pay extra when issues occur.

Cybersecurity Support

In recent times more and more businesses in Harrisburg are becoming targets of cyberattackers. Outsourcing your security needs to an experienced MSP familiar with the latest compliance and regulatory requirements is a great way to reduce risks and protect your business from emboldened attackers. Our experts will deploy tools and technologies to prevent attacks and ensure your business meets high-security standards.

Access to Expertise and Experience

A big benefit of managed IT service is that you onboard a highly experienced team with the right qualifications, training, and certification specific to your industry. At MicroXpress, we provide you with top-notch IT administrators and engineers with specialized skills at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and training your in-house team. When you partner with us, your business will also gain access to the latest technologies on the market implemented into your operations quickly and seamlessly.

Reduces Operational Costs

Running an in-house IT team is also expensive. You have to pay for salaries, benefits, insurance, and other overheads. It also takes a lot of time and effort to recruit, train and retain IT professionals. Partnering with MicroXpress is a great way to reduce your IT costs by avoiding consulting, licensing, training, and other expenses.

Faster Response Time

In today’s highly competitive business world, downtime and technical difficulties can spell doom for your business. Having a team of IT experts to monitor your networks and resolve emerging issues ensures your team stays productive. Our IT help desk professionals will always be on your side to provide prompt support, day, night, weekends, or holidays.

Data Compliance and Support

Many businesses in Harrisburg have to meet stringent regulatory standards and requirements. The standards outline specific rules touching on privacy, financial services, reporting, and more. Our experts can help you meet compliance requirements from various organizations such as the HIPAA, SOX), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and more.

MicroXpress IT Services Offered to Harrisburg Organizations

We offer Harrisburg organizations comprehensive IT services that support their businesses by ensuring systems run trouble-free 24/7. Some of the IT services that we provide include:

  • Managed IT support: We provide reliable IT support tailor-made for your business. Our managed IT support includes network administration, helpdesk services, network security, offsite backup, and cybersecurity.
  • Systems monitoring and reporting: Continuous monitoring helps identify potential issues before they occur. Our experts undertake 24/7 observation and recording of all activities in your IT environment. We also gather crucial information on all aspects of your networks and systems and compile them into a report that gives you actionable insights. We will proactively solve problems before they impact your operations.
  • Data security: Our cybersecurity monitoring solutions are designed to keep your networks and IT environment safe from today’s complex cyber threats. Our highly experienced team of cybersecurity experts provides a range of security solutions such as firewall, endpoint protection, SIEM as a service, and real-time incident response.
  • Cloud computing solutions: In the current remote working model, your team needs flawless communication to ensure greater efficiency. Cloud computing provides the right tools and seamless access, so your employees can fulfill their roles no matter where they are located. MicroXpress provides outsourced IT management for cloud-based services and technical support. We will automate and enhance your cloud IT environment to ensure your business reaps maximum benefits from cloud computing. Our cloud computing solutions include but are not limited to monitoring and reporting, backup and recovery, performance testing, and more
  • Hardware setup, maintenance, and support: We provide hardware installation, maintenance, and support to guarantee your business runs optimally. Our experts will take care of your computer’s physical components to extend its lifespan and keep them in perfect working condition. We will clean up the computer, keep its fans free from the dust, and defragment its hardware regularly.

Contact MicroXpress IT Today for Reliable IT Services In Harrisburg

At MicroXpress IT, we take pride in helping our clients meet their business needs with the right technology. Our experts leverage the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies to offer and manage all technological solutions around your IT environment, including servers and networks. We will also help implement new technologies when you need them so your business can gain a competitive advantage over your peers. Our IT experts will also keep your information safe and secure from outside and internal threats to eliminate the chances of cyber-attacks and network downtimes that could lead to losses. Contact us today to discuss affordable technology solutions for your business needs!

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