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Digital Transformation is the talk of the town. More and more organizations are shifting away from traditional on-premise Windows networks and moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Why? Moving your network to Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for costly in-house infrastructure, and allows your staff the freedom to work seamlessly from anywhere, anytime just like they were in the office.

Let MicroXpress guide you through the process of migrating your existing Windows network to Microsoft Azure.

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  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

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    Microsoft 365

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    Other Third Party Cloud Services

Real Stories From Real Clients

Real Stories From Real Clients

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows organizations of all sizes to move their complete IT infrastructure to the cloud. Azure provides a secure environment for all your applications and services so you no longer need a server or costly infrastructure in your office.

Microsoft Azure all-in cloud solutions provide the following benefits:

  • The ultimate “work from home” solution.
  • Same Windows desktop as in the office.
  • Freedom of working anytime/anywhere.
  • Better performance with less resources.
  • Eliminate costly in-house hardware.
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery.
  • Secure and compliant.
  • Flat, monthly, user-based pricing model.

Want to discover more on how Microsoft Azure can benefit your organization? Schedule a no obligation consultation with our Microsoft Azure experts.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic solution for the small business or large company that wants to leverage the power of Microsoft’s robust technologies and take advantage of the shared environment offered within Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 offers many of the top software programs and services you’ve used throughout your career or life in business. From Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint to new innovative technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, Delve and Yammer. Take advantage of everything Microsoft 365 can offer and have it supported entirely by your team at MicroXpress.

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Third Party Cloud Applications

Third Party Cloud Applications

Running a third party industry application, or need expert advice on migrating from one cloud hosting platform to another, MicroXpress can help. Our team has years of experience working with many of the top cloud technologies from Google Apps, Google Cloud, AWS, Rackspace, Quickbooks, and many other applications.

MicroXpress’s experience with cloud technologies and cloud solutions covers the entire gamut of the cloud.

Need a trusted advisor to help you make the right cloud decision. Reach out to MicroXpress and speak with a member of our cloud technologies team.

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