How to Use the New Microsoft Outlook Calendar Board View

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written by craig beam posted on December 13, 2021

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Board View

Recently, Microsoft rolled out a handy new Outlook calendar with a Kanban-style board view. The new Microsoft Outlook calendar is like a Trello with a dynamic view that lets you organize notes, goals, tasks, files, links, and more. You can also add new cards that will assist you in organizing your meetings and calendar. Moreover, files can sit alongside goals and even notes for better organization.

This calendar acts like an ever-expanding board that tries to centralize everything involved in maintaining a clean and up-to-date calendar. Additionally, Outlook is fully integrated with contacts, emails, and other features. Using this calendar board view, you won’t have to switch between various apps and tools to manage your time. You can access the Outlook board view on a free account or a paid Microsoft 365 account.

Read on as we cover the essentials of the Microsoft calendar board.

Accessing the Outlook Calendar Board

To access the Outlook calendar, go to or, depending on the account you are using. The calendar icon is on the left edge of the toolbar. Tap on this icon to open the Outlook calendar. Once it opens on the browser window, click the Month button in the upper-right corner of your calendar page. You should also select ‘Board’ on the drop-down menu that opens. Note that in place of the month, the button can also appear as Work Week, Week, or Day.

Adding or Removing Items on Your Board

You easily remove or add items on your calendar board to make it work best for you. If you want to remove an item, click the three dots on the calendar board on the top right side. This should open to more options where you can choose ‘Remove From Board.’ You can also select the item you want to remove, then choose the ‘Remove From Board’ option.

To add items to your board, simply tap on the ‘Add to Board’ icon found on the top left. Next, click on the ‘Show All’ icon found at the bottom to display the available things. You can choose additional items such as a clock, location, the weather, and a link. After selecting the suitable item you want to add, it should appear in a blank spot. You can then drag the new item to where you want to place it.

Rearranging Your Board

Microsoft Outlook calendar gives you the flexibility to organize the board whichever way you prefer. You only need to click the item you intend to move, drag it to the new location on the board, and then release it. When moving your items around the board, there is usually a faint line that can assist you in lining up your things neatly. The calendar also makes it possible to shift a group of items. If you want to move a group, hold Command on Mac or Ctrl on Windows as you tap on each item. Each item’s border should turn blue as you select the desired items. Once you’ve selected all the items, drag them to move the group.

Note that this Outlook calendar limits you to using only the space you see. You can choose to move items down past the bottom or to the far right. Make sure you drag the items slowly to a location off the screen, and the screen will move.

To see the items you’ve rearranged, click and hold the blank spot on the calendar board. You’ll notice an outline at the bottom right. Move the screen until the outline shows the items you need to see. You can also secure items in their specific spots by locking them to avoid accidentally dragging them. Lock them by turning on the lock items toggle found on the board’s top right side.

Type of Cards You Can Pin to Your Outlook Board

Below are the cards you can include on your board and different ways to interact with them.


After activating the board, you’ll get a pinned card version of your calendar. You can interact with the card the same way you do with the calendar when not in board view. You can invite people in your contacts to an occasion, add a reminder on a date, and more. Still, you can pin additional calendar cards for different purposes, such as one for work only and another for other activities outside work. Select ‘add to board’ and choose the calendar to add a calendar card.

Task List

Microsoft To-Do app ties with the task list, so the task you have in the To-Do app appears by default after adding a task list card. In case you don’t use the app, a blank tasks card should appear. If you want to add tasks, select ‘Add a task,’ describe the task, then click on the add button. You can add as many tasks as possible. Use the star icon to mark a task as important.

Weather and Clock

You can also pin cards to display the time or weather of your location or other cities. A single clock card shows the current time in several locations, but each weather card displays only one location.


You can use this card to set something that you need to do. Once you’ve added a goal card, tap on ‘what’s your goal’ and indicate a brief description. Also, set the date from the calendar. If you want to change the date, edit by clicking on the three dots at the upper right.


The location card shows a map thumbnail and details for a location. After adding the card, click on ‘Enter a location, then type the location’s name and choose from the options that appear. The phone number and address can also appear.


Pinning this card prompts you to type the person’s name in your Microsoft contacts. You will then see the person’s name, phone number, email address, and more.


This is a card containing other cards. You use it to organize other cards to avoid cluttering your board. To add cards, click and move the cards onto the area on the collection card. Alternatively, tap on the three dots on the upper right side, then choose ‘move to collection’ and select the location to move it to.

Bottom Line

The new Outlook calendar makes it easier and faster to accomplish multiple tasks on the board view. You can bring content together and also structure goals, tasks, calendars, and even combine them. MicroXpress can help you take advantage of Microsoft 365 solutions. We have a team of IT experts who provide unmatched IT solutions to businesses all over Metro Atlanta. Contact us today for more consultations about Microsoft 365 solutions.

Thanks to James Forbis from Cincinnati IT services company 4BIS for their help with this research.

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