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written by craig beam posted on August 13, 2021

Microsoft has innovated and has actually come up with a way to let you access your entire computer in the cloud. Expanding upon the cloud, which started as a way to easily store and share digital files without taking up much computer space, now you can put your entire computer in the cloud. Your employees will never again need a dedicated physical computer, which frees them up to work remotely.

It will now be easier to work anytime of day and your team will always have access to key files needed to get their job done. If you have been looking for a way to take your computer systems to the next level, cloud PCs are the way to go.

What Is a Microsoft 365 Cloud PC?

With this type of cloud PC, you will be able to access your computer from anywhere! No more lugging around laptops. If you have Wifi, you can computer access, you can access your entire computer, since it’s in the cloud. This has changed the PC industry forever. You no longer have to have a dedicated desktop computer that only you can use, which will free up your ability to work remotely in this ever-changing post-pandemic world.

Microsoft knows that companies and employees are shifting the way they do business after the pandemic. More people will be working remotely than ever before in history, and this type of computer is going to make it easier.

How Does It Work?

Windows 365 is going to function with any modern web browser, so all you need is access to the internet, and you can access your computer. It will also work through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app, meaning you can access your Cloud PC from a variety of devices. In that case, you would just need to have a device that allows you to download that particular app.

Whether it’s from home, office, a coffee shop, or the beach, as long as your employees can access the internet, they are going to be able to access everything on their computer. You’ll never have to have a question go unanswered for days or lose access to a key file just because you are away from the office.

The Benefits Of This Type Of Computer

There are so many benefits that this might single-handedly be the greatest innovation in the tech industry in decades. As the pandemic winds down, one of the best ways to retain top talented employees is to give them flexible schedules and remote work options. In addition to potentially happier employees, you should see productivity increase.

Since you can access all the files on your computer now just from a web browser or an app, your teams will never be far from work. Never miss out on a deadline or be unprepared for a client meeting. With a cloud PC, you can access every file on your system.

Possible Drawbacks

The one downside to having employees be available more frequently, is those same employees could lose the bubble on a healthy work/life balance. You’ll want to provide training, guidelines, and boundaries for your employees to set expectations as to how often they are supposed to be checking their cloud PCs. If you want them available during the weekend or non-peak hours, make sure you compensate accordingly.

There will be a cost to use a cloud PC, but it shouldn’t break your business’ bank account, and you will likely find the cost is worth the investment. It will be a per-user monthly subscription cost, but if you plan ahead and build it into your budget, it shouldn’t be an issue investing in something that is going to make your company more productive and efficient.

Ease Of Use

There are similar products available today, but Microsoft 365 is aiming to be the easiest to use. They envision a seemless transition as you are working, allowing you to pick up and work from a different computer within minutes. While you will want to train your IT department to answer some questions and familiarize your teams with setups, this concept is going to be easy to use. There is no steep learning curve, and you should be able to jump in and use cloud PCs without going through too much strenuous training.

Your employees might not ever again need dedicated physical hardware. Think of the cost savings! As you onboard new employees, you can get them set up with cloud PCs within minutes, giving them all the tools they need to succeed without having to worry about paying for and maintaining physical hardware.

Microsoft already has products available that help with remote work, like Microsoft Teams that allow teams to virtually connect and meet. These cloud PCs are the next step towards integrating your team fully remotely.

Fewer Security Issues

Your teams will never have to worry about logging on via VPN or figuring out security on a personal PC. With everything controlled through the cloud, there are fewer security concerns, as physical computers are not going to be hacked, exposing data and making your information vulnerable.

Having everything controlled in the cloud actually makes it more difficult for hackers to steal your files. The information and the files are protected, and you should be at less risk of a cyber security attack than if you were trying to protect your accounts using VPN or logging in through personal computers.

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