What Are The Benefits Of Microsoft Azure?

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written by craig beam posted on August 12, 2021

Modern businesses across the globe are embracing Cloud services to help streamline operations, manage and store their data at a reduced cost, promote decision-making capabilities, and ultimately enhance productivity. Besides, Cloud adoption has become a trend, proving that big data continues to transform the modern business landscape. This means enterprises with solutions deployed to the Cloud have achieved significant success by redefining how they conduct business.

Microsoft Azure offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and serverless Cloud computing that enables enterprises to access and control their infrastructure within the Cloud. It omits the need for investing in hardware as enterprises access servers and software data in Microsoft’s data center over an internet connection. In addition, users can adopt Microsoft Azure in their businesses in multiple ways; migrating to Office 365, adopting server infrastructure, or integrating disaster recovery solutions.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an on-demand Cloud platform featuring over 200 products and several Cloud services. The service enables organizations to store and manage data, enhance cybersecurity, as well as compliance, and develop complex web applications. Because Azure is designed as a public cloud platform, businesses can expand their infrastructure and meet their needs. This enables them to create hybrid computing systems and the freedom to create, manage and integrate custom web apps using congenial development tools and frameworks.

Generally, Azure remains an effective solution for businesses to manage immediate IT infrastructure challenges and achieve their goals faster. The service accompanies beneficial tools applicable in specific industries, such as manufacturing and professional services, to ensure different businesses explore its benefits. Besides, Azure is well-suited to open-source technologies that allow users to utilize personalized tools and technologies that suit their business needs.

7 Key Benefits of Deploying Microsoft Azure in Your Business

Since businesses have individual needs concerning data storage, resource management, and web application development, Azure is more effective if organizations consider their capabilities and services before integrating the service. With that, here are seven key business benefits of Microsoft Azure.

On-Demand Scalability

Scalability is a major concern as it may bring sudden organizational changes to any infrastructure-related assets. Whether it results from growth or downsizing, Microsoft Azure includes a public cloud framework that enables enterprises to expand their storage space and computing resources on-demand. This guarantees maximum Cloud capacity to prevent disruptions during service delivery, significantly when traffic increases on a short-term basis or long-term project expansions.

World-Class Security

Most cloud-based platforms store sensitive and confidential business data on their servers, including customer information. To ensure maximum protection against cybercriminals, Azure features advanced encryption to prevent breaches. That is, Microsoft’s data centers include two-tier authentication, biometric scanners, and proxy card access readers to ensure only authorized personnel access these centers. Azure’s built-in security protocols also help enhance the truthfulness, privacy, and availability of critical customer data. This multi-layered security feature allows businesses to mitigate data breaches, including DDoS attacks and malware, among other possible attacks.

Advanced and Adaptive Compliance Features

Microsoft is among technology companies that understand the value of sturdy and adaptative compliance controls. Hence, Azure has over 35 compliance offerings designed for specific necessities for crucial industries such as finance, healthcare, and government. This allows Microsoft to ensure enterprises keep up with changing regulatory guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Primarily, this is facilitated by Azure’s built-in compliance tools and configuration management features.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Generally, cloud services provide storage, management, and access to data anytime, anywhere, and from any device. And because businesses generate massive data over time, it is crucial to ensure this information remains secure and easily recovered. Azure allows businesses to back up their data to the Cloud, making the practice effective and smart.

Backing up data to Microsoft Azure also guarantees data retention without the need for hardware storage like hard drives and tapes. This promotes disaster recovery, giving you confidence that all your data is being backed up continually in the background. Thus, Azure’s backup and disaster recovery are worth a look, whether it is a sophisticated data backup approach or looking to minimize downtime.

Swift Automation Solutions and Robust Templates

Microsoft has data centers worldwide to ensure users get the best experience when storing and retrieving their data. Azure offers solutions for teams to build, test, and implement new applications quickly. It also offers ample room for businesses to scale an existing capacity through service plan upgrades and recover data from virtual machines, backups, or off-site storage centers.

Microsoft also includes flexible and fully automated solutions that give Azure enhanced capabilities for businesses to handle their day-to-day data storage, management, and processing with ease. Since the service includes multiple built-in tools, users do not have to build specific tools or elements from scratch. Readily available templates make Azure an ideal Cloud service to create web apps, configure the system, or whatever you are working on seamlessly and quickly.

Cost Effective

As a growing business, investing in new infrastructure is a huge investment in capital expenditure. However, Microsoft Azure offers users a monthly subscription payment, making it an operating outlay like Office 365. Instead of replacing servers annually or after fives years, Microsoft enables you to subscribe to a cloud package on a monthly basis and use the servers for several years. Besides, subscribing to Microsoft Azure helps lower costs of heating, cooling, and powering your in-house servers and hardware systems.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Certain industries such as government, financial services, and healthcare are high-risk and sensitive, requiring personalized solutions for Cloud services. Azure simplifies this issue by offering specialized applications to address the unique needs of these industries solely. Some of these features include individualized security needs, modernized customer apps, and offline cloud services. These industries use the Cloud to facilitate their data needs without concern for safety or other associated threats.

Microsoft Azure Consultants In Central PA

Microsoft has proven that Azure delivers exceptional Cloud solutions, primarily meeting compliance requirements, enhancing safety, and proving success in both startups and established organizations. And with Azure offering several business benefits, this Microsoft Cloud service is a must-have for any modern business.

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