Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. Was Struggling With Internal IT

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written by craig beam posted on September 29, 2021

MicroXpress Delivers Cost-Effective IT Support And Solutions For Jack Giambalvo Motor Co.

Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. is a multi-location car dealership that sells and services new and used vehicles. With 275 employees, they operate four franchises and two body shops, managing a range of major brands including Buick, GMC, Mazda, Hyundai, Genesis, Dodge Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram.

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Jack Giambalvo Motor Co

Before MicroXpress, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. Was Struggling With Internal IT

Like most businesses, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. started out by handling their IT internally. As they grew, however, their IT needs eventually outpaced their internal capabilities. At their size and with their budget, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. only had an internal IT Manager.

“We used to have an in-house IT manager,” says Don Dusich, CFO, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. “Our budget wouldn’t allow us to have a team of multiple people.”

This manager would handle all IT support requests and other related issues, and from time to time, Don himself would act as backup. However, this meant that Jack Giambalvo Motor Co.’s ability to overcome a given IT issue would be dependent on this staff member’s availability and workload.

“When that person was out, obviously, things that are more critical would make business operations more difficult,” says Don.

Often, if more than one issue occurred, the IT manager would be forced to prioritize one over the other. This led to inconsistent time frames for resolution, and occasionally long bouts of downtime.

“If there were to be multiple fires at once, one person would have to make the decision of which one is most important to put out first,” says Don. “It could be a ten-minute fix or a two-day ordeal you’re getting involved in.”

That’s When Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. Called MicroXpress

In looking for more consistent and available IT support, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. hired MicroXpress. Doing so gave them access to much more extensive IT resources, all at a flat monthly rate.

“MicroXpress has a team of people, and we just have one person to deal with,” says Don. “If he’s on vacation, they have other people on our team that are familiar with our account and can provide support.”

This quality of IT support quickly had an effect on Jack Giambalvo Motor Co.’s operations. Their staff members learned that their IT issues would be addressed and resolved quickly, greatly improving their productivity and efficiency.

“Ultimately, our employees have more satisfaction with our IT,” says Don. “You’re getting things addressed in a more prompt manner than we were able to do.”

On a business-wide scale, MicroXpress also offers Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. much better rates for a range of necessary software solutions. MicroXpress provides anti-malware, backup, and patch management solutions at a much more cost-effective rate than the dealership would be able to get on their own.

MicroXpress Is Jack Giambalvo Motor Co.’s Committed IT Partner

Since partnering with MicroXpress, Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. has enjoyed seamless and effective support for their entire organization. Over the years, the MicroXpress team has gained an in-depth understanding of how Jack Giambalvo Motor Co. operates.

“MicroXpress has grown up with us,” says Don. “They have an inherent understanding of the different moving pieces in our operation.”

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