Elsner Engineering Gets IT Facelift

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written by craig beam posted on February 24, 2022

Elsner Engineering Gets IT Facelift to Increase Cost Savings and Efficiencies

The client needed break/fix IT and consulting services, rather than traditional managed IT services.

The Company

Elsner Engineering is located in Hanover, PA, and manufactures custom converting machinery solutions. With over 3,000 machines operating in 60 countries worldwide today, Elsner Engineering has earned a worldwide reputation for leadership in the design and manufacturing of converting equipment.

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Elsner Engineering

The Situation

When Elsner engineers arrive at the office, they need to have access to their data. From complex drawings, tables, and graphs to engineering software, their ability to access critical data quickly is what enables them to be productive and effective. The Elsner engineers must be able to pick up exactly where they left off the previous day and stay connected to their data. They need to be able to swap screens at lightning-quick speed without losing concentration.

Elsner Engineering was looking to upgrade its server and VM environment. The client needed more space and wanted to move to a high-availability setup with failover. After growing from around 77 employees to nearly 150 employees in a span of 5 years, the client was looking for a timely and cost-effective break/fix solution that would eliminate the need for an onsite IT staff.

MicroXpress collaborated with the client to provide a tailored solution. This saved time and cost for Elsner Engineering and led to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

The Challenge

The client needed a full replacement of their previous setup as everything they had was basically sitting on a table that one of their employees built. There were individual servers with no redundancy, so if a host went down, it was down. Unfortunately, the client was all too familiar with this type of event.

After conducting an audit of the client’s network and user requirements, we verified the infrastructure to get a better understanding of what was in place in the equipment rack for the systems’ servers. We also analyzed what was virtualized and if the switches were still efficient, and we looked for warranties on the technical equipment, so we would know where to turn if something was broken.

The Solution

MicroXpress realized Elsner Engineering’s immediate need to upgrade their server and Virtual Machine (VM) environment and quickly went to work in implementing our industry-leading solutions. We dedicated a point of contact that was assigned to the client’s account, which was vital in driving critical processes, receiving immediate follow-up, and generating beneficial feedback.

MicroXpress assisted Paul Zartman (IT Tech at Elsner Engineering) with installing a new Dell EMC Rack, Two Rackmount Servers, a 3kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply, and a Dell PowerVault SAN which provided a high-availability solution with failover capabilities. In addition, we were able to collaborate with other sources on adapting other Dell technologies to its line of products: Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array and Dell PowerEdge R640 Servers.

The MicroXpress team understood the importance of maintaining constant contact with the client and having meaningful conversations that would help smooth out any kinks in the upgrade process. MicroXpress and Elsner Engineering grew increasingly comfortable in our partnership. We continued to emphasize the importance of adhering to the process, which allowed the client to better understand our value-added services.

The Result

Fast and Reliable Response

Throughout the process of installing environments, setting up servers, remote access, tier 2 IT support, and migrating data, MicroXpress provided fast and reliable responses to all of Elsner Engineering’s questions and concerns.

” They’ve been very responsive. When I have an issue or I have a question, they’re more than happy to get back to me fairly quickly.”

With issues being resolved quickly, every process was fast and smooth. When the client did encounter a small problem, MicroXpress responded right away, stepping in to offer assistance and resolve the issue.

Help for All Projects

One of the things the client was impressed by was the efficiency with which our team accomplished each step of the process. The MicroXpress team of highly skilled technicians didn’t waste time implementing and optimizing the solutions they needed.

”They’ve helped me on a couple of projects. The server project is certainly the biggest that I’ve actually done since I’ve started here.”

Working side by side, we were able to complete the project on time, without any major issues. The completed project met all of the client’s goals, resulting in a sophisticated, secure environment for their entire workforce. In satisfying the client, MicroXpress established a trustworthy, lasting relationship with the client.

A Team-Based Approach

We understand it takes a team to deliver high-performing IT capabilities—not just one person.

”The way that they offered the knowledge that they had. They didn’t take the approach that we will come in and do it for you. They took the approach of we will come in and assist you. We will be that extra set of hands.”

Continuous Support and Monitoring

We provide Elsner Engineering with the tools and resources they need to stay better organized. While providing continuous monitoring and regular updates. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and are also responsive to their calls. We provide tailored communication so we can recognize potential problems in advance and address those risks as quickly and effectively as possible before they negatively impact their operations. As a result, the engineers at Elsner can do their jobs better and the technology is always available.

”They set me up to be able to understand not just the things that they’ve shown me, but that I have an intricate knowledge of the system that I have and I know how to work with it going forward. Now, if I get to that point that I need help again, they’re more than happy to be there for me.”

About MicroXpress

MicroXpress provides IT support and cloud services for central PA businesses, empowering our clients to achieve more with our value-added solutions. Our technology is backed by experience that provides responsive and continuous support alongside the knowledge and resources you need to grow your business. Contact us today at (717) 840-4357 to talk about how our managed IT services can help your business.

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