Starview Sales Uncovers the Impact of Remote Work

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written by craig beam posted on February 23, 2022

Starview Sales: Mobile Home Property Management & MicroXpress

The mobile home property management industry faces a myriad of challenges. These include:

  • Introducing remote technology
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Understanding how to get the most from the latest innovations
  • Introducing and optimizing the use of mobile applications

Mobile home property managers must acknowledge the benefits of leveraging the latest technological advancements. Those who do can manage their businesses more effectively and streamline day-to-day operations.

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Mobile Home Property Management Firm Uncovers the Impact of Remote Work

Case Study Profile: Starview Sales

Located in Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, Starview Sales is a property management company that manages mobile home parks and apartment buildings. The business that has about a dozen employees was founded in 1979. The world was propelled into an unprecedented remote working culture in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the company’s main concerns was that productivity would suffer during the stay-at-home orders, particularly for the employees who needed the computer capabilities. As a result of the pandemic, the company was faced with key decisions around transitioning some parts of the business to permanent remote work.

Client Requirements

Starview Sales was looking for a better “remote work” solution. They wanted employees to be able to easily and securely access their files. The client required secure and reliable connectivity between its office location and remote workplaces for seamless access to its computer systems. In order to accommodate frequent program enhancements to the computer system, a highly durable hosting platform and a collaborative relationship with the managed service provider is crucial.

Business Challenge

Our client contacted us during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the stay-at-home orders that highlighted our ability to provide an enhanced remote working setup. We began to assess their day-to-day IT needs, and it was determined that they needed additional IT resources in order to have an effective and efficient remote workforce that could help properly grow the company.

”Years ago, we gave our people the option to work remotely on Friday, and that was a perk and a benefit. We did that a couple of years before COVID-19, and we needed that remote work capability which they were able to provide us back then.”

In an increasingly virtual business world, the client understood that any slight impairment could be a significant hindrance to their growth. As a mobile home property management company with an increasing number of system complexities, they needed to find a provider that could offer both onsite and remote support when necessary.

The Approach

With the central focus being on their offices and their remote workforce, the company wanted to ensure collaboration data would always be available, including email, calendar, and other applications. Since the company’s goal was to implement the most effective remote work strategy,

MicroXpress focused on the following components:

  • Collaboration and teaming
  • Communication and data management
  • Infrastructure and asset controls
  • Security and vulnerability assessment

By addressing the above components, we were able to visualize the type of system that would be an enabler and not a deterrent. We wanted to ensure the solutions we implemented would effectively support an alternative way of working.

The MicroXpress Solution


  • Product and Equipment Updates 
  • Increased Response and Resolution Times 
  • Onsite and Remote Support 
  • Tailored support that grows with the company 
  • Employee collaboration through flexible and mobile solutions
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365

The client had their own server on-premise, and once that server started to go down, we understood that there was a much better way to make it easier for their remote workforce. MicroXpress updated the client’s products and equipment and organized remote capabilities for their employees.   We took their existing Windows Network and put it in the cloud so that everyone could gain access to the Windows desktop from wherever they had internet access. With these updates came the installation of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, a public cloud computing platform.

“MicroXpress came in and said there’s probably a better way to do it. We utilized them to implement the Microsoft Azure system, which we have now, where everything’s cloud-based.”

The client’s cloud platform enables their employees to reliably access features such as key documents, and real-time dashboards on tenant applications, rent payments, and more, on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

Value-Added Services

Typically, when a company shifts to remote work, there are fewer opportunities to meet by chance in the office breakroom or in passing in the hallway. It’s important for companies to understand these aspects of collaboration and find ways to promote these interactions in virtual settings. The client continues to see an increase in day-to-day efficiency and work-life balance.

It’s about being able to ensure that all of the pieces of the business are focused on the client. We made it possible for the Starview Sales team to do their jobs smoothly and frustration-free. By using a cloud platform, the client is able to store and protect data in ways that minimize the chances of it being lost or held for ransom.

Starview Sales knew they needed cloud solutions to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. The client had quite a bit of data to migrate and people who needed to access it during the transition. MicroXpress decreased costs for servers, data backup systems, and hardware management.


We are very proud to have gained the trust of our client, who can rely upon us to provide first-class customer service. MicroXpress is pleased with our response time, knowledge, and solutions, and relies on our team for consistent and reliable assistance.

“MicroXpress is very responsive. When we call them, someone always picks up the phone. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is somebody gets back to us. They’re also able to help us remotely now, which is one of the good things about the service.”

Partner with MicroXpress

MicroXpress provides clarity and peace of mind to our clients with solutions that unwind the complexities of today’s technology. Our IT management expertise delivers full transparency with affordability. MicroXpress helps businesses across the York, Harrisburg, Hanover, Gettysburg areas of Pennsylvania scale and grow with a comprehensive range of first-class solutions, backed by over 30 years of experience. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

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