MicroXpress Is Topflight Corporation’s Committed IT Solutions Partner

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written by craig beam posted on July 13, 2021

Topflight Corporation is a manufacturer of printed labels and die-cut custom parts for a variety of different markets. They work primarily with clients in the personal care, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries.

With more than sixty employees, and a business legacy dating back to the 1940s, Topflight Corporation requires a functional and reliable IT environment in which to do business. For years, they’ve trusted MicroXpress to take care of these critical systems.

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MicroXpress Grew From A Project Management Vendor To Topflight Corporation’s Daily IT Solutions Partner

“We had been working with MicroXpress doing project work, and I had an in-house IT person, and a number of years ago he left us,” says Craig McClenachan, President, Topflight Corporation.

At first, MicroXpress and Topflight Corporation only worked together on a project-by-project basis. While Topflight Corporation’s internal IT staff member handled the daily support issues, MicroXpress was only brought on for more complex and resource-intensive processes.

Eventually, however, Topflight Corporation’s internal IT staff member moved on. When considering how to fill the position, Craig determined that it would be simpler to just have MicroXpress take over the duties.

“We brought in MicroXpress to fill the void and do a lot of our day-to-day IT work, rather than just project work,” says Craig.

It was a relatively easy call for Craig to make. After all, MicroXpress understood how Topflight Corporation works, what their priorities are, and what they need out of their IT.

“We have to have somebody who understands our business,” says Craig. “Having an IT partner like MicroXpress is essential to us as a growing business.”

MicroXpress Carefully Manages Topflight Corporation’s Critical ERP Software

One of MicroXpress’s primary support duties for Topflight Corporation is the management of its ERP system. They use EFI Radius to execute a range of critical business processes, making it vital to their productivity.

“It does everything in our business from order entry to invoicing,” says Craig.

For MicroXpress, taking care of Topflight Corporation’s ERP systems often means overseeing new updates to the software. While sometimes that means simply applying a basic patch overnight, it can also involve a major migration to a new version of the system. No matter the scale of the update, MicroXpress ensures the process is seamless for Topflight Corporation.

“There was a major upgrade that we had to do, and it was sort of a team effort with the Radius team and MicroXpress,” says Craig. “They make sure everything works properly on our workstations.”

Thanks to MicroXpress’s careful management of the migration processes, Topflight Corporation has never encountered any undue downtime or data loss.

“MicroXpress was involved in making sure the migration to the new version of EFI Radius went seamlessly,” says Craig. “We were able to continue our operations without a hitch.”

MicroXpress Offers More Than Day To Day IT Support For Topflight Corporation

MicroXpress provides comprehensive IT support, going beyond simple daily IT services and project management. When the Topflight Corporation has a more complex question or needs advice concerning a potential upgrade or IT investment, they know they can rely on MicroXpress to help.

“If we have questions or need a response to something, the MicroXpress guys are here,” says Craig. “We are able to escalate and talk to senior management if we have more detailed questions.”

It’s this committed and responsive quality of support that makes MicroXpress so essential to Topflight Corporation. No matter what type of IT problem arises, Topflight Corporation is confident MicroXpress will be available to provide expert support and guidance.

“They’re great and very responsive,” says Craig. “We’ve been very happy.”

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