MicroXpress Is Committed To Helping Union Community Care Succeed 

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written by craig beam posted on October 18, 2021

MicroXpress Is Committed To Helping Union Community Care Succeed

Union Community Care is a federally qualified health center. Its mission is to provide equitable and quality health care to patients regardless of their ability to pay for it. As a part of their extensive range of health services, Union Community Care offers discounts for patients in accordance with their means and ensures access to healthcare for those insured under Medicare

Union Community Care depends on IT for all that they do – all their health records and record exchanges are electronic. They need a reliable and engaged partner in IT, which is why they work with MicroXpress.

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Union Community Care Needed To Find The Right IT Company For Their Needs

“When I came to the organization, we were outsourcing our IT to a company that sold themselves as an all-encompassing provider — you pay per user, and nothing else,” says Amy Carr, CIO, Union Community Care. “They owned all of our equipment and infrastructure.”

For some time, this arrangement suited Union Community Care. However, they eventually realized they would need to find a different model for their IT support.

The Union Community Care team came to understand that their IT company wasn’t able to seamlessly support their healthcare software, and was providing a more extensive systems management service than they required.

“We were transitioning to a new EHR solution and knew we didn’t need that much support. We were playing a lot for that service,” says Amy. “They weren’t just managing our hardware, they were also handling our software, and they didn’t quite have enough expertise with it.”

While this level of comprehensive management can be useful in some cases, it wasn’t the right fit for Union Community Care. Furthermore, the IT company had exceeded its capabilities in managing their healthcare systems.

“They were a little in over their head by offering to support our software, in addition to our hardware,” says Amy. “We decided to transition away from that organization, and sought the help of MicroXpress with the process.”

Union Community Care Chose MicroXpress For Their Expertise & Flexibility

Fortunately, Union Community Care didn’t have to go far to find an IT company that would both offer more expertise with the new EHR system, and a more flexible arrangement in terms of infrastructure management. One of their staff members had experience with MicroXpress, and arranged a meeting.

Transitioning away from a vendor that hosts and manages your entire infrastructure is no small matter. As Union Community Care’s new IT company, MicroXpress would have to configure and deploy an entire IT environment in a relatively small window of time.

“Over a weekend, we had to recreate an entire computer system infrastructure at four sites,” says Amy.

The MicroXpress team worked around the clock to ensure that Union Community Care’s systems were ready for them at all four sites when they started work the following Monday morning. Their commitment in that first migration progress would be indicative of the quality of service Union Community Care could expect on an ongoing basis, and to this day.

“They are always committed to making sure that they do the best they can for us,” says Amy.

MicroXpress Helps Union Community Care Maintain Security And Compliance

In order to work with major healthcare carriers, Union Community Care has to meet strict requirements in terms of how they manage and store electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Failure to maintain security and compliance standards can result in hefty fines and loss of business. In addition to complying with HIPAA and PCI-DSS, Union Community Care also has to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture.

Fortunately, they can rely on the MicroXpress team to keep them secure. MicroXpress provides an extensive range of cybersecurity, compliance, and continuity services, ensuring that Union Community Care is protected against external threats and that their data is backed up.

“It’s nice to have that peace of mind, knowing they’ve developed the system with multiple levels of redundancy,” says Amy. “I know that if anything happens, we have ourselves covered.”

As a healthcare organization, Union Community Care is required to perform cybersecurity audits and risk assessments on a regular basis. MicroXpress handles the process for them, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and addressing them with proven solutions and processes.

“We’re forever doing risk assessments, and I’m always working with MicroXpress to ensure our assessments are done in tandem with them, and that we’re in the clear,” says Amy. “They have put controls in place that make me feel confident that my network is safe.”

MicroXpress Helps Union Community Care Follow Their Mission

“I’m super lucky that our key contact with MicroXpress is very invested in the success of our organization,” says Amy. “I appreciate that he goes the extra mile.”

The MicroXpress team is proud to play a small part in Union Community Care’s healthcare initiatives. By making sure their IT is functional and cost-effective, the MicroXpress team helps Union Community Care do what they do every day.

That’s what Amy and the Union Community Care team want from their IT. They want to be confident it will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and secure — and with MicroXpress’s help, that’s what they get.

“MicroXpress has been super helpful in making sure we are proactive, and thinking ahead when it comes to the technology in our world,” says Amy. “I appreciate that they’re forever looking for what is most cost-effective, versus what is most beneficial to the organization.”

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