MicroXpress Is An Extension Of Wagman Construction’s IT Department

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written by craig beam posted on October 5, 2021

MicroXpress Is An Extension Of Wagman Construction’s IT Department

Wagman Construction is a family-owned construction firm with a nearly twelve-decade legacy. What began as a heavy civil firm in 1902 has developed into a multi-faceted operation that offers services for commercial settings like education and medical spaces as well.

With 500 employees (and 300 active IT users) spread out over offices and job sites, Wagman Construction relies on its IT environment to keep them connected, communicating, and secure.

That’s why they work with MicroXpress.

“Wagman Construction has been using MicroXpress for a long time,” says Rob Moyer, Director of IT, Wagman Construction.

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Wagman Construction Wagman Construction

MicroXpress’s Co-Managed Services Give Wagman Construction Access To The IT Resources They Need

“They’re my sixth IT man,” says Rob.

IT services are not one-one-size-fits-all. Depending on the client, a fully managed model may be required, but for others, only certain services would need to be outsourced. That’s the case for Wagman Construction.

This is why MicroXpress’s co-managed IT services are ideal for Wagman Construction’s needs. Wagman Construction needed an IT company that would deliver a specific set of services, allow them to handle smaller user support tasks internally, and provide extra support and consultation as needed. That’s precisely what MicroXpress offers them.

“We’ve never had a concern about them replacing anybody,” says Rob. “It frees up our employees to do other work.”

MicroXpress is able to deliver the high-level IT services and solutions that Wagman Construction requires, allowing them to budget more effectively for their IT, and maintain the quality of service they need. This is what makes it possible for their small internal IT staff to manage support for their 300 users.

This is an ideal arrangement for Wagman Construction’s leadership, because they know it’s flexible and can be scaled up or down as needed. In a period of lower revenue, they can simply reduce their hours with MicroXpress to save money, which would not be the case if they chose to hire additional IT personnel directly.

“It’s a cost that is containable,” says Rob. “If we hit a low in the economy, we can always drawback on the consulting hours.”

MicroXpress Is Wagman Construction’s Team Of Cybersecurity Experts

“They’re our cybersecurity experts,” says Rob. “We have a quarterly meeting with them where we just talk about cybersecurity.”

Wagman Construction appreciates having the MicroXpress team available to consult on cybersecurity on an ongoing basis. At their quarterly review meetings, they discuss recent cybercrime attacks in the news and attempts against other MicroXpress clients, helping them to maintain awareness and plan for necessary upgrades and improvements in the long run.

Put simply, MicroXpress is a partner that Wagman Construction can rely on. Over the years, MicroXpress has handled a range of key projects for Wagman Construction, from configuring their ethernet cards and LAN systems years ago to recently implementing a SIEM solution to help the firm monitor logs and maintain compliance.

“They have set up about twenty of their customers very similarly, with the same types of switches, the same types of software, and we get the experience that they get with all of those customers,” says Rob. “We can bounce off them, and say, ‘Hey, is there anything we need to be looking at?’”

Whether it’s installing an application whitelisting solution like ThreatLocker, or managing server upgrades and addressing networking issues, Wagman Construction knows they can rely on MicroXpress to handle IT projects.

“They’ve done a really good job with getting us solutions that a company of our size can afford, and that give us the most value,” says Rob.

MicroXpress Is Invested In Wagman Construction’s Success

“They’ve become a partner that we trust,” says Rob. “We know that they have our needs top of mind.”

Since partnering with MicroXpress well over a decade ago, Wagman Construction has enjoyed direct access to the IT expertise and resources they need. They are confident their IT will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and secure — and with MicroXpress’s help, that’s what they get.

“They’re not just trying to sell us something,” says Rob. “They’re really invested in our success.”

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